Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Protecting my People

I've been with my new family for 9 days now and it's been really busy.
I met my cousin Jasper on Friday, he was fun but for some strange reason he thought he was in charge.  We played lots and he completely wore me out chasing each other round the garden.

 Jasper also kept getting up on the sofa, he thought if he was higher than me, he would be the boss.  At first I thought it was a bit silly, but then I realised I could copy him and learned to jump on the sofa myself and now I realise Jasper was showing me my new job - protecting my people!!!!
From the sofa I can see out the windows and alert my peeps if anyone comes to the house.
I must be doing a good job because I got a new toy today.....it's called a Kong and when I throw it around lots of tasty treats come out......oh it kept me busy for ages, but wore me out too, so I'm off for a snooze now :)

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