Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Protecting my People

I've been with my new family for 9 days now and it's been really busy.
I met my cousin Jasper on Friday, he was fun but for some strange reason he thought he was in charge.  We played lots and he completely wore me out chasing each other round the garden.

 Jasper also kept getting up on the sofa, he thought if he was higher than me, he would be the boss.  At first I thought it was a bit silly, but then I realised I could copy him and learned to jump on the sofa myself and now I realise Jasper was showing me my new job - protecting my people!!!!
From the sofa I can see out the windows and alert my peeps if anyone comes to the house.
I must be doing a good job because I got a new toy today.....it's called a Kong and when I throw it around lots of tasty treats come out......oh it kept me busy for ages, but wore me out too, so I'm off for a snooze now :)

Thursday, 27 August 2015

As I've now well and truly settled in, I thought I'd start my blog to keep you all updated with how life is going for me.

Sunday was a big day for me, I didn't realise it was going to be such a special day.....no one had told me my new family was coming to take me home.  I'd seen some of my siblings go off with new families, they all seemed quite happy to go but I didn't know it was going to happen to me too.

A lovely lady called Charley came to collect me......it was love at first sight, she picked me up and we had the biggest hug

I've now figured out she's my new mummy; she feeds me, walks me, brushes me, plays with me and takes me EVERYWHERE!!!!! We've been to grandmas house, where I've been having a sleepover for a couple of days and this is the place I will come to when my mum goes back to work next week.  Why she wants to spend her days teaching children instead of playing with me all day I just don't know.  I have been to her school today and it looks ok.....the people there were great, of course they all thought I was wonderful, so maybe that's why mum likes it there.

Tomorrow I'm getting to meet my cousin Jasper, and his people.  Mum says I'm the same size as him, but he's fully grown, so I think I might be the boss in that relationship....we will see, I'll probably bark at him at first just so he notices me and knows to pay attention to me.

Mum says I'm very clever and pick things up real quick.  When we go out in the car I just snooze. When I need a wee, I go to the back door and mum takes me out and then gives me treats.  I fuss around her a bit when it's meal time and I get some lovely food, she's a bit strict though, I have to eat it then and there or she takes it away......apparently that stops me being fussy :) I go out for walks and walk really nicely with mum, I haven't tried to trip her up at all.....today I went to the park and met some other dogs, that was fun and in a few weeks I'm going to my own puppy school.......I guess me and mum are both teachers :)